Over the years, there have been many wonderful apps created that are native to, compatible with, or ready to integrate into Salesforce. Here, we highlight 10 of the must-have Salesforce apps for businesses you should consider right now.  

Salesforce has become the foundation on which more than 150,000 businesses base their marketing and customer relationship programs and functions. One of the reasons Salesforce is so popular is the way made it easy for apps to work alongside its software, thereby boosting the range and depth of service available to CRM professionals.  

For this article, we’ve picked out 10 must-have apps that enhance the power of Salesforce and can help you improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your organization’s sales and marketing functions. 


Yes, we’re a little biased, but this data quality power toolset is a Salesforce admin’s best friend. DemandTools allows you to cleanse, standardize, and compare records, verify email addresses, and more with multiple software modules that fall into three categories essential for achieving and maintaining clean Salesforce data:  

  • Maintenance tools – Solutions for data loading, data manipulation, and data backup 
  • Cleansing tools – Solutions for identifying and merging duplicates, and allowing for flexible lead conversion
  • Discovery tools – Solutions for comparing external data to existing data before import and verifying email addresses on demand 

SUMO Scheduler

 A clever app, 100% native to Salesforce, SUMO Scheduler does the heavy lifting for you when it comes to scheduling customer appointments. It allows your customers to schedule themselves into your calendars and no-show rates are significantly reduced thanks to SUMO’s email, text message, and automated phone reminders – which can be personalized with your company’s branding and logos.  

SUMO Scheduler is based on the latest platforms available, including social feeds, drag-and-drop appointments, and the ability to customize per user or team, if needed. 


Helping brands improve how they engage with their mobile customers, Localytics adds enhanced mobile app marketing capabilities to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Localytics is designed to break down the silos between analytics and marketing and help businesses leverage predictive segmentation, advanced push capabilities, geofencing, and campaign reporting to send more targeted, successful marketing campaigns.


As the name suggests, DupeBlocker ensures that duplicates don’t creep into your data, an all-too-common problem that can result in productivity loss, inaccurate reporting, and missed sales opportunities.  

The only real-time integrated duplication blocker used by Salesforce administrators, DupeBlocker works in three primary ways: 

  • Customizable scenarios – Choose from pre-built scenarios or create custom scenarios for standard and custom objects or cross-object comparison 
  • Advanced filters – Specify which records and users are affected by each scenario for complete duplicate control 
  • Duplicate management actions – Block, report, auto-merge, or auto-convert duplicates based on scenario criteria and end user experience 


What do you do when there’s no Wi-Fi, but you need to stay connected to your data? Resco provides the solution, allowing you to access your Salesforce data when you’re out and about, regardless of internet connections or connectivity. You can view, create, delete, and modify your data at any time, no matter where you are. 


Salesforce Apps for BusinessesKeeping your CRM clean as you continue to add contacts and leads from tradeshow lists, marketing campaigns, or other lead generation activities is challenging, to say the least. PeopleImport gives you peace of mind when introducing and processing lists of contact and lead data (even large lists), acting as a filter to prevent new duplicates from being created.

It allows you to perform multiple custom comparisons between incoming data and existing data and create campaign links and tasks globally for all records in the input file. In short, this app ensures your Salesforce data keeps only the cleanest customer and prospect lists – enabling you to get on target, stay on target, and sell more. 


If you want a way to see all your sales and marketing information (phone, email, face-to-face) laid out in a concise and straightforward manner, then ClearSide is probably what you’re looking for. The app offers real-time visibility and analytics for your team and, as a result, you should be able to deliver stronger customer-facing messaging. 

F-Secure Cloud Protection

Data security is a major concern for any organization and, although your content is securely hosted in the cloud, targeted attacks or simple human error can still allow an attacker to access your data.  

F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce complements and strengthens Salesforce’s native security capabilities, suppressing the risk posed by files and URLs uploaded by users. Advanced analytics and full audit trails ensure an efficient response to any threats, and best of all, it takes just three minutes to get set up. 


Over 15% of the emails used in marketing lists are invalid, and messages to fake email addresses can get you flagged as SPAM. In short, dirty lists don’t deliver. You need email verification. 

Find out if email addresses you collect are genuine in real-time. The BriteVerify API can be added in minutes to technology you use to collect customer data – from web forms on landing pages, to mobile device forms and Point-of-Sale systems (POS) – instantly validating your data.  

You can also use BriteVerify to validate the emails in your existing database, lists you purchase, lists you’re about to import from a trade show, etc. This smart app removes the noise from your email marketing lists and allows you to focus on connecting with your real audience and genuine customers. 

DocuSign for Salesforce

When your sales team needs to move quickly with contracts, they don’t need the extra delay of scanning in forms to send them along as clunky attachments to customers or partners. With DocuSign for Salesforce, business deals can be closed quickly with a simple, secure way to send, sign, track, and store important documents in the cloud. 

Full integration with Salesforce allows you to click “Send with DocuSign” from any object, auto-route to the right people, use built-in reminders and expiration times. Plus, generating and sending contracts synced with Salesforce data eliminates the tedious rekeying of data and ensures you’re using the most up-to-date information from your database.  

 DocuSign for Salesforce makes it easy to: 

  • Include multiple signers 
  • Confirm a signer has the authority to sign 
  • Delegate signing responsibility to others 
  • Establish a specified signer routing order 
  • Know exactly where contracts are in the signing process 
  • Establish an audit trail 

Extend the Power of Salesforce

We hope you’ll check out these 10 must-have apps that enhance the power of Salesforce. To find more options, explore the wealth of applications listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. No matter what your business challenge or need, you’re sure to find solutions that can help!

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