More of the same?

It’s a new year – and if you are like me, you’ve read the many predictions about email for the year 2010. Initially we avoided jumping on the prediction bandwagon and instead released a report the trends that mattered most for email in 2009.

But, alas, we couldn’t resist looking forward. As we head into March – it’s too late for predictions, but not too late to underscore the imperative issues that face all of us in the email industry today. What trends will impact reputation and inbox placement rates? Regular interactions with our ISP partners give us unique insight into their issues and challenges and how they will influence email marketing in 2010.

Our Email Imperatives paper is an introduction to what will matter for email marketers this year. We’re pleased to present this initial overview, and look forward to publishing more papers throughout the year – each paper to come taking a deeper dive into a particular imperative.

So, no lofty predictions here – just the straight story – what matters most for you for when navigating the choppy waters of email deliverability over the next 12 months.

Download the paper here.

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