Microsoft Enables DMARC Forensic Reports

Senders leveraging DMARC to protect their brand and customers from phishing and fraud have something to be happy about this week: Return Path has confirmed that Microsoft is now supporting DMARC message-level data (aka forensic reports) for all senders with a RUF address in their DMARC record.

This level of forensic reporting provides senders greater insight into malicious email traffic utilizing their domains.

In the event that a domain does not have a DMARC record assigned, Return Path’s Private Channel reporting from Microsoft will still provide senders with message-level insight to help investigate and trouble-shoot potentially malicious mail or authentication failures.

Between DMARC and Return Path’s Private Channel relationship with Microsoft and other leading global mailbox providers, Return Path protects 80% of all mailboxes in the United States and 60% of mailboxes globally. In addition to DMARC reporting and policy enforcement, Return Path also provides visibility into brand abuse emanating from unaffiliated domains, those domains outside or your control that are spoofing your brand but cannot be protected through DMARC policy.

If you would like to learn more about DMARC and Return Path’s full-spectrum email brand protection capabilities please contact your account manager or [email protected]. As the global leader in email threat intelligence, we are here to help you protect your brand and customers from email cybercrime.

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