Microsoft Deliverability Issues Are a Thing of the Past for OpticsPlanet

OpticsPlanet was in the planning stages of sending a very personalized email campaign to their VIP customers. Not only are highly personalized emails difficult to create with generally a lot of testing involved, at the time OpticsPlanet was experiencing low inbox placement at Microsoft. The team had to not only ensure these emails landed in their customers’ inboxes, they also had to make sure they rendered correctly, regardless of the device on which it was displayed.

In order to test the rendering of the email design, OpticsPlanet relied heavily on Return Path’s Inbox Preview solution which allows senders to preview email campaigns on the most up-to-date devices whether on mobile, webmail, or desktop platforms. “Return Path has provided us with an excellent email testing platform and subject line comparison tool to make sure our emails and subject lines look great on every device and mailbox provider.” stated Meghan O’Laughlin, Senior Specialist of Promotions at OpticsPlanet.

The next issue to tackle was boosting their inbox placement rate at Microsoft. O’Laughlin explains, “By working with us to start sending to our most engaged subscribers first, Return Path has improved our deliverability to Microsoft. This has drastically improved open rates for our email program.” In fact, this very personalized campaign had the highest total open rate of any email sent by OpticsPlanet that year at a rate of 228 percent (due to multiple opens) and a total click-through rate of 95 percent.

To learn more, click here to read the full case study.

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