Memo to Europe: Do You Know Where Your Email Goes?

American marketers have been aware for some time now that the email they send doesn’t always make it to the inbox as intended. But this is not the case for marketers in Europe, as we found in a recent survey: Emailing in the Dark: What European Email Marketers Don’t Understand about Deliverability.

In fact, we found that nearly 2 out of 5 marketers surveyed weren’t sure if their email is making it to the inbox. More troubling still, 38% believe that deliverability is the sole responsibility of the email service provider who sends the email on their behalf. As we’ve written here, here and here, the ESP cannot completely control your deliverability. In fact, most of the factors that lead to blocking by top ISPs are in the control of the marketer. These include high complaint rates, spam trap hits and poor data quality.

The survey also found that marketers misinterpret what their ESP means by “delivered” – 61% said that delivered should mean “to the inbox.” Unfortunately, many email systems are set up to report delivered as the number of messages that get sent minus the number that bounce. If marketers are misinterpreting this to mean the messages are reaching the inbox, they are not seeing the whole picture and they are leaving money on the table.

The good news is that many top ESPs are helping their clients by integrating seedlist based monitoring tools like those from Return Path into their systems to give marketers insight into their true inbox placement rates.

So what can marketers do now to optimize their deliverability and protect their email revenue. Two big things:

1. Know your inbox placement rates: Understand how your metrics are calculated and be sure that your system has integrated seed addresses so you can monitor where email is delivered.

2. Take responsibility for your deliverability: You control most of the factors that impact your deliverability. Your IT team or email service provider can help you, but most of the responsibility rests with you.
Read the study now – it’s chock full of insights and data and lots of good advice the European marketers.

Of course if you’d like to learn more about how Return Path can help you get your email delivered to the inbox, email me.

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