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Meet Some Real-Life Email Heroes!

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Pop culture is awash in super heroes these days. Heroes of every description are featured in blockbuster movies, TV shows, comic books, children’s toys, and more. And these super heroes boast every conceivable power, from super strength and incredible gadgets to control over the animal kingdom.

Today’s businesses have some real-life heroes of their own—email heroes! These heroes may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but every day they wield the power of email to promote and protect their brands. The fact is, countless businesses rely on email. Every email campaign has the power to impact the bottom line, so delivery failures can be devastating. And when it comes to security, a single data breach can destroy consumer trust. Without their email heroes, many businesses simply couldn’t operate.

In our latest ebook, Guardians of the Email Universewe introduce a few of these email heroes and share their stories, including:

  • How Cedar Fair uses extrasensory perception to increase customer engagement
  • How IHG uses x-ray vision to reduce complaints and increase security
  • How Publishers Clearing House uses captivating creative to increase click-throughs and conversions

Email heroes may not have the kind of superpowers that anchor blockbuster movie franchises, but what they do is nothing short of amazing. Download Guardians of the Email Universe now to find out more.

Want to join the League of Email Heroes? Share your superpower on Twitter using the hashtag #EmailHeroes. Tell us your origin story (in 140 characters or less) or nominate a colleague who’s a true email hero! Everyone who shares a story on the #EmailHeroes hashtag will be entered to win a $500 American Express gift card! Official rules can be found here.