Marketer Quarterly Announces 2017 Winners…And We Are So Proud!

Each year, The Marketer Quarterly, a digital magazine focused on sharing trends, updates and news for the marketing world, holds the prestigious MQ Marketing Awards. Return Path takes this opportunity to nominate some of our most innovative customers and this year has been fantastic, with winners in 4 categories! Congratulations to Asda, BBC, and double winner, AARP!

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the winners:

Best Use of Triggered Email – Association: AARP
In an effort to re-engage lapsed subscribers and remove non-responsive subscribers, both in order to protect sender reputation, the AARP introduced best practices and business rules to protect list hygiene. A large part of this was the triggered re-engagement campaign which achieved near perfect delivery rate and open and click rates higher than the industry average. The judges loved the use of automation to achieve such fantastic results.

Best Welcome Email/Email Series – Association: AARP
In the past, AARP Members received multiple emails during the onboarding process, complicating the onboarding process and contributing to poor user experience. This was exacerbated by internal logistical issues.

As a solution, data was consolidated in a central location and through using Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Automation Studio and Journey Builder, AARP was able to send subscribers the right message at the right time, with great results. The judges were appreciative of the technology and services required in order to achieve these results.

Best Newsletter – Media: BBC
To launch its flagship Blue Planet II series, and to increase engagement and education in line with their public service obligations, the BBC produced a stunning email highlighting the many of the creatures and structures that can be found as you scroll down the email and virtually plunge deeper and deeper into our oceans.

The campaign performed very well, both in terms of open rate and also by driving traffic. The judges loved the long scrolling format and the animations spread throughout.

Best Holiday Themed Email: Asda
As Halloween grows in popularity in the UK, Asda took an innovative creative approach to drive engagement to separate themselves from the noise in cluttered inboxes during this time. Using real-time contextual emails, the contents of the email became “spookier” the closer it got to Halloween. As this was a novel idea, Asda used multiple touch points to educate the user and encourage repeat opens. These efforts paid off handsomely with increased engagement and lower complaints and the judges loved how subscriber’s awareness and expectations were set throughout.

We love working with these brands and are delighted their hard work and creativity has been acknowledged. Congratulations once again to all the winners!

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