Make Email List Rental More Effective with Contextual Marketing

The popularity of search in the last few years comes down to effectiveness. And that effectiveness is driven by intention. When someone types “Sony HDTV” into the Google search bar, they are probably in the market for a new television. Frankly, it doesn’t really take a marketing genius to take advantage of these types of opportunities.

We have found that similar low-hanging fruit can be found on the email side. Our Postmaster Network consists of millions of people who sign up for third-party offers through hundreds of publisher sites. They further assist us in sending relevant offers by selecting specific categories of interests. As subscribers scan the list of available offer categories, the ones that jump out tend to be areas that are top-of-mind. For example, an IT executive at a large corporation who signs up to receive email offers in the “Security Systems” category may do so because they are planning a purchase in that category.

The key to taking advantage of this intention is to act on it quickly. Part of what makes search effective is that your offer is there the second the intention is expressed. You can replicate this timeliness in email list rental by utilizing recency – be the first to send your offer to everyone who signs up for offers in a given category.

This strategy is going to give you a much higher response rate than you might have experienced with other types of email campaigns. We recommend testing recency-driven lists with a number of different types of offers to discover the best way to take advantage of these intentions.

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