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After some investigating, our sources confirm that now AOL (rather than Outblaze) is MXing the domain and many vanity domains operated by (,,, etc. – see full list on website — click on the “view all addresses” link in the top bar).

MXing the mail refers to how the email is being routed. Currently the mail passes through the server at AOL and then back to Outblaze. The mailboxes are not yet hosted at AOL but it seems they will be soon, and then they will be routed only to AOL.

For senders to and other domains that were once hosted by Outblaze this now means that filtering rules will change, to align with AOL. Once the domains are hosted by AOL we assume that all of the messages will be included in the AOL Feedback Loop and Whitelist as well.

We will continue to investigate the situation and ramifications of the changes at AOL for senders.

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