Looking to Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaign ROI? Implement These Strategies

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When you launch a digital marketing campaign, you want to know that you’ve taken every measure possible to ensure it maximizes your ROI. Ideally, you want a marketing campaign that will bring in tons of qualified leads while also not taking up your entire marketing budget. So how to do that? Implement the strategies listed below.

Measure the Right KPIs

KPIs – or key performance indicators – help you understand how to reach your goals. What is it that you’re hoping to accomplish with your latest digital marketing campaign? Obviously, your ultimate goal is to attract more business: more paying customers who want exactly what your business has to offer. At the same time, however, there may be other elements that are important to your business. You might, for example, want to increase awareness about your newest product or service. In order to measure the return on your investment, make sure you’re tracking the right KPIs. Set the goals for your campaign before you begin, then determine which KPIs will help you measure progress toward those goals.

Ignore Vanity Metrics

Vanity metrics, like the number of Facebook followers you have or the number of likes your posts get, might help you feel better about your marketing efforts, but they won’t help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign when it comes to genuine conversions. In order to determine the effectiveness of your campaign, ignore metrics that don’t apply to its success. This will help you keep your eye on the prize and prevent you from focusing on elements that aren’t relevant to your goals. So, what metrics do matter? This differs for every business, but typically this includes cost per lead, conversion rates, and customer lifetime value, to name a few.


You should conduct regular testing to determine which types of campaigns work best for your specific audience. Experiment regularly to determine what is working well for your business and what you need to do differently in the future. Try different types of subject lines for your emails. Test different types of content offerings and sales promotions. See what information is resonating and beneficial with your customers, and then produce more campaigns like it in the future.

Combine Channels for Maximum Effect

Your digital marketing efforts shouldn’t exist in isolation. Customers need multiple points of contact to decide about your new business or product, and they should have the same experience with your business whether they’re reading an email or checking their social media page.

Prioritize Email Verification

You can check off all the tips on this list for your digital marketing campaign, but you won’t see the success you’re hoping for unless you verify the email addresses you’re sending it to. If your emails aren’t reaching your intended audience, they can’t help you reach your goals! Consider Validity BriteVerify, a leader in the email verification space. With a simple drag and drop, Validity BriteVerify scans your email database, helping to reduce your bounce rate by up to 98% and providing you with the power to identify which email addresses are deliverable. This way, when you click “send,” you can feel confident that your emails will be delivered to your intended audience. And BriteVerify’s abilities don’t stop there. Our real-time APIs work with online signup forms or anyplace you collect contact information to validate email addresses as they are entered. Invalid email addresses are immediately stopped at their source.

With BriteVerify, you’ll be able to launch more effective emai lmarketing. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more.