Looking for Some Email Marketing Insight?

Whether you’re looking for helpful tips on email marketing, tools to help you optimize performance, or interactive content, returnpath.com has you covered!

Our Downloads section has plenty of topical, ungated reports and infographics aimed at improving your deliverability and providing inspiration for your email marketing program. Some favorites include:

Blacklisted on Black Friday?
Did your domain show up on a blacklist? Learn how blacklists work and why it’s important to keep a close on eye on them in this guide.

Your Practical How-To for Emailing with Emojis
Emojis aren’t just for texting anymore. Find out how email marketers are using emojis in their subject lines, and which emojis to avoid, to engage with customers like never before.

Path to the Inbox Infographic
We all get tons of email every day, but how does it actually make it to the inbox? This fun infographic explains the complicated—and sometimes treacherous—path email takes to get to you and your subscribers.

Now that you have your ideas and research finished, it’s time for some fun! Our interactive content microsites are an entertaining—and educational—way to test your knowledge.

Email University
This series of quizzes will test your email marketing smarts on everything from deliverability to mailbox providers. Sharpen your #2 pencils and no cheating!

Path to the Inbox Game
This video game—that’s right, we said video game—will test your knowledge and keyboard dexterity. Will you make it to the inbox, or be banished to the spam folder?

Our Downloads section is constantly being updated, so check back for more engaging and informative content from Return Path!

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