KISS (The Email Marketing Version)

I was recently reminded of one of the first marketing lessons I learned over 12 years ago: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).   With technology so rapidly changing, it’s gotten easier and easier to overwhelm ourselves and our subscribers with communication: Newsletters! Triggered Alerts! Facebook Offers! Twitter Tips!  So, I took this reminder as a point of inspiration to create an email marketing version of the long-time marketing rule:

Keep the message focused.  Be a critical editor and send only the most relevant, interesting content using the most straightforward approach.

It’s all about them.  Give subscribers a reason to respond by outlining clear benefits – and don’t be so subtle.  It’s okay to tap into their emotions and personal motivators to forge a connection.

Streamlined Call-to-Action.  Email is meant to drive traffic – not do all the work to convert.  Have a clear and prominent call to action that drives subscribers to respond in a specific way.

Stay consistent.  Optimize landing pages to be a continuation of the email experience so it’s easy for subscribers to complete the conversion process.

I hope you’ll find this acronym to be helpful as you strive to resonate with your subscribers amidst all of these new channels of communication we now have.  And, if the muse strikes, I’d love for you to share your own email marketing versions of “KISS”!

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