Join Our Webinar "What Marketers Need to Know about Email Engagement and ISP Filtering"

Please join me, Joanna Roberts and Jamie Lawler on Wednesday, May 22nd, 1PM EDT for a discussion on the engagement metrics that mailbox providers like Gmail and Yahoo use in their spam filtering technologies, how you can measure these metrics in your own email program, as well as proven tactics and a case study highlighting a retailer's engagement strategy to get back to the inbox at Gmail. Space is limited for this webinar so register now here:

Full details below. "See" you all on Wednesday!

Meeting Description:

ISPs increasingly use email engagement metrics to gauge which emails are desired by their customers. Low email engagement signals a bigger problem than just an inability to connect with your customers. 

If your subscribers are deleting your emails without opening them or deleting them shortly after opening, that’s a potential red flag for ISPs—which can lead to messages landing in the spam folder instead of the inbox. 

Join Return Path for this exclusive webinar that delivers insider tips to help you understand, capture, and exploit email engagement data. We’ll also show you real-world examples of messages with high and low engagement rates so you apply the lessons to your own email program. 

You’ll discover:  

  • How ISPs use engagement metrics for filtering

  • What the key metrics are that determine subscriber engagement

  • How to turn engagement behavior to your advantage

  • Best practices to help you reach your customers’ inboxes

  • How to use competitive intelligence tactics to drive even higher engagement


Jamie Lawler, Account Manager, Return Path

Joanna Roberts, Account Manager, Return Path

Tom Sather, Sr. Director of Email Research, Return Path

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