Join Me for Email Authentication Training at the Online Trust Alliance Academy

I’m headed off to Chicago next week, excited to attend the OTA Academy training program. The OTA Academy is a comprehensive full-day email authentication training program designed to aid email administrators, security professionals and interactive marketers to implement authentication so they can prevent and detect email spoofing, phishing and brand exploits.

Email authentication is an IETF standard and is commended by the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Homeland Security as well as the APWG, DMA, MAAWG and other leading organizations and government agencies. We’ll be covering support for international standards for email authentication including Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).  It’s an important topic and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do hands-on training with email marketers and executives from a wide variety of companies and organizations, all interested in making sure their company is compliant with standards, best practices and commited to improving the effectiveness and deliverability of their email communication.

Our internal research has found that even IPs with otherwise high reputation metrics (as measured by our Sender Score) struggle to correctly authenticate. In our press release on the launch of Domain Assurance, our anti-phishing service, we reported that 45% of IPs with Sender Scores of 90 or above did not pass DKIM checks. The situation was worse for SPF where 63% of IPs of 90 or better did not pass. Clearly this is an issue that many otherwise top-notch companies need to get educated on.

Interested in attending the OTA session? Register to attend. Already signed up? See you in Chicago!

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