Is Your Email Worth Framing?

What if your marketing emails could be emotionally honest works of art? What if they could transcend the day-to-day banality of the inbox? What would you do differently if you wished to reach your audience on a deeper level?

As our co-founder James McLachlan writes on IBM’s Watson Customer Engagement blog, it’s not such a ridiculous aspiration. After all, he says, the bar is currently very low:

There’s so much room for beauty in the digital world. But, right now, it’s often an ugly place. Email can be one of the worst offenders.

People outside the marketing profession – and experienced marketing professionals themselves – might think of email as a clinical or technical process of acquiring more customers. But beyond all the automation, data, and technology, email is as people-focused as everything else. Like all marketing, email is an emotional endeavor.

It’s not email’s fault that it can be ugly. It grew up in the digital Wild West, where marketing practitioners wrote the rules as they went along and flaunted them in equal measure. But look at the great ads of the 1950s and 1960s: Some are worthy of framing on the wall. Can you imagine ever printing out an email to help decorate your living room? It seems crazy, but why can’t we aspire to that?

Read the full article about the importance of emotional marketing, reader engagement, and user respect. McLachlan says that if marketers like him are going to ask for “time, attention, and energy” from readers, they must “make sure our emails are worth reading.”

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