Is Less More? New Study Provides Insight Around Sending Frequency

Send frequency is a topic that inspires heated debate among email marketers. Finding the right balance is an ongoing challengesend too many emails and you risk annoying your subscribers; send too few and you’ll miss out on valuable opportunities.

In our latest study Frequency Matters: The keys to optimizing email send frequency, we evaluated the effect of email frequency on your email program. Our findings will help you determine the optimal send frequency for your subscribers. Some of the key insights we share include:

  • The effects of both under- and overmailing, and how tipping the balance in either direction can undermine the effectiveness of your email program.
  • Commonly held (but highly inaccurate) beliefs related to engagement and subscriber complaints.
  • Key findings from our study of major retailers’ sending frequency and the resulting subscriber complaints.

Download the report now to find out why frequency really does matter!

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