Introducing New AI-Powered Solutions from Return Path

Email marketers have heard a lot of best practice recommendations. “It’s best if you send this way, you shouldn’t send that way, you’ll improve your inbox placement if you do this”…and so on. While those recommendations are directionally useful, it still takes a lot of time, resources, data, and analytics to actually implement those best practices. Enter Return Path’s new Dynamic Optimization solution.

In September, Return Path introduced EmailDNA, our advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities. Dynamic Optimization is a direct result of using new, innovative techniques to solve email marketing problems.

Launching today in the Return Path Platform, *Dynamic Optimization includes new solutions that solve specific email issues using your email data, Return Path’s deep deliverability experience, and advanced data analytics techniques. By using customized sending recommendations that you can integrate directly into your workflow, you address the specific issue, saving time and leading to increased deliverability and engagement.

Dynamic Optimization has two integrated solutions:

Sending Priority: We use your ESP data coupled with our advanced analytics capabilities to classify your subscribers based on engagement. Using these results, we provide analytics-driven recommendations on how to best send email to these different groups, giving you the information you need to get to the inbox of subscribers who otherwise would have received the message in their spam folder.

Engagement Assurance: We identify fatigued subscribers who are likely to negatively engage with your email who should be temporarily suppressed. Our recommendations automatically determine when suppressed subscribers should be added back to your mailings, allowing you to decrease list churn, keep your audience engaged, and increase the lifetime value of your subscribers.

Learn more about Dynamic Optimization!

*Dynamic Optimization is currently available for clients using Salesforce Marketing Cloud as their email service provider.

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