Internet Users Share Content Through Email

We recently wrote about viral marketing and offered viral content ideas. Maybe you weren’t convinced that this tactic is truly important to your email marketing success.

Well, a recent survey by Sharpe Partners should get you thinking otherwise. They found that almost 90% of adult internet users share content with others via email. And the respondents are forwarding frequently — three out of five said they shared content at least once a week and 25% reported doing so even more frequently. This data seems obvious in some ways (who doesn’t forward?) but all the more surprising that viral programs aren’t at the top of the priority list for every email marketer.

Not surprisingly, jokes, cartoons, and news are most popular, but we know that lots of different types of content and offers can be viral. This is a tactic that can truly be adapted to any business. Review our list of viral content ideas to get started. Then, be sure you have the viral mechanics in place — links, good forms, and so on. Need help? Email me and I’ll send you our Viral Marketing Checklist. It includes 15 tips to help make all your viral marketing efforts more successful.

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