Be honest, when it comes to customer data quality, how do you think your company would match up to your peers and competitors?

Only 16% of companies characterize the data they are using as “very good.” And the troubling statistics don’t stop there. Businesses are crumbling under the weight of their poor customer data management – and it’s costing them billions. What organization’s don’t know about their Salesforce data can hurt them. Sales pipeline management, marketing campaign effectiveness, and customer retention are all impacted by the state of a businesses’ customer data quality.

And when your organization is armed with high-quality customer data, everyone succeeds. In fact, quality CRM data is the key is deliver great customer experiences and developing life-long customers. And when your emails are verified, your marketing campaigns instantly become more effective as your bounce rate decreases along with your ROI.

This infographic clearly paints the picture for how organizations today are being affected by this massive breach in customer data quality management and outlines what they can do about it.

See the statistics for yourself in the infographic below. They’re staggering.

Customer Data Quality

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