INDUSTRY ALERT: COX has a new Postmaster Page

Congratulations to our partners at COX for launching a new postmaster site.

Lots of ISPs have postmaster pages, so what’s the big deal about this one?

It’s frequently difficult to get all the information you might need to understand the rules of the road at an ISP. The Cox postmaster pages provide error code definitions, preferred connection configurations, instructions on how to sign up for Cox’s feedback loop (which is proudly powered by Return Path) and other useful information to help understand delivery issues. The pages probably won’t give enough information to solve all delivery issues, but they are helpful in getting started and troubleshooting the issues yourself. Remember, you should always follow the steps suggested in any ISP’s postmaster pages before escalating to the ISP abuse team. That holds true for our friends at Cox.

Oh and while we’re pretty partial to the feedback Loop – even better is our favorite bounce code. Which one? Why it’s IPBL010 of course … (Okay, that’s an inside joke: check the Error Codes page to understand why).

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