Inc. Magazine Feature Story: Return Path Ranked as one of Top 20 Workplaces in the US!

I am extraordinarily pleased to announce that Return Path has been ranked one of the Top 20 Workplaces in the US! Winning Workplaces is a national organization with a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses create high-performance workplaces. Each year they recognize 20 companies for their Top Small Company Workplace Award. To be selected this year is an incredible achievement. Our Top 20 peers include cool companies like Patagonia and the New York Jets.

The Winning Workplaces award is featured in this month’s Inc. magazine. Not only have we been selected as one of 20 winners but Inc. magazine also wrote an in-depth feature story about value of transparency and how it was put to the test during the spinoff of our sister company, Authentic Response. We talk about transparency a lot internally — it’s not always the easiest route to take but it is certainly the path of integrity for us. You can read the whole story here. The story also highlights many of the great benefits of working for Return Path.

Why is workplace culture so important? Well, in the words of the Inc. article: “The companies honored as 2010 Top Small Company Workplaces lavish on their staffs the care and consideration other companies reserve for their best customers. As a result, these honorees have proved uncommonly resilient during the recession and are reliable talent magnets in economies fair and foul. People come. They stick. They grow.”

Of course a big part of being a winning workplace is being a challenging workplace. We like to think of ourselves as the place where the best and brightest minds in email come to work, play and thrive. And this need for balance is echoed by Jane Berentson, Editor-in-Chief of Inc. magazine: “People want employers who care for and challenge them. And they want those employers to be financially healthy so they can keep caring for and challenging them far into the future. The 2010 Top Small Company Workplaces do just that. Their stories, in the June issue of Inc. magazine, are models of smart management and enlightened leadership.”

This year has really started off with a bang for us and we are expecting more great things. We are in active hiring mode with openings in marketing, product, development, sales and professional services. You can learn more about our openings here.

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