Inbox Placement Rates: You Can’t Measure What You Can’t See

Lack of awareness about why campaigns didn’t succeed is a surprisingly common point of failure for email marketers. Many mistakenly assume that the subject line was culprit or that their list is simply less engaged. The root cause is often something different, and luckily something that can be easily fixed—as long as marketers are aware of it: the inbox placement rate.

The inbox placement rate measures how many messages arrive in your subscribers’ inboxes—and not in spam folders or otherwise undelivered by the mailbox provider—giving marketers a more accurate base to measure subscriber engagement against. Without this viewpoint, marketers can receive and act on misleading signals about their email campaign performance. Not knowing your inbox placement can invalidate everything you learn about three fundamental aspects of your email program: your program benchmarks, any tests you perform, and your overall email ROI.

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