Inbox or No Inbox?!?!

With great flair and charisma, Chad Malchow, Return Path’s VP of Sales, played game show host in a fun, interactive game deemed “Inbox or No Inbox”. The format was that of a familiar, popular TV game show – and in this version, the audience got to participate. Three contestants were pulled to the stage from the audience and asked individually to choose a briefcase containing an Email Marketing question.

Each question was given a dollar value ranking from $100 to $25,000. Once the question was asked, the audience first was polled while the contestant determined her answer. Then, the audience response was revealed and the contestant was given the opportunity to change her answer or “lock in” her previous choice. With cheers and aawwws for each right or wrong answer, Inbox or No Inbox, was a lighthearted, engaging session that answered many common marketing and delivery concerns while offering a fun change of pace for the afternoon.

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