IAB UK Releases New Guide – Email: Joining the Digital Dots

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK has released its 2013 Email Handbook – ‘Email: Joining the Digital Dots’, sponsored by Return Path. The guide brings together expert inputs from IAB Email Council members, including myself in my role as Chairman of the IAB Email Council, and author of the chapters on data and deliverability, as well as measurement & reporting

The publishing of this document is particularly timely. Every now and then we see yet another article predicting the imminent demise of email. And every time the reality is invariably different, with email continuing to go from strength to strength, and currently generating the highest ROI of any online marketing channel.

What is definitely changing is the way brands are using email. From once being largely marketing-based, email now plays a multitude of roles: CRM; transactional; order confirmation; service information; and activity alerts. It has evolved to become the binding agent that provides cohesion between all other online channels. It is no accident that we are now referring simply to the “IAB Email Council” – the marketing element is only a subset of a much larger channel.

The way that the major inbox providers are determining email deliverability is also changing. Generating positive subscriber engagement (and the tools to measure it) is becoming the must-know area of expertise for email program owners. Every aspect of the email life cycle provides an opportunity to influence engagement. Good data quality produces more responsive lists, optimised email creative ensures more effective calls-to-action, continually testing identifies new improvement opportunities, and new reporting tools measure their effectiveness.

In short, the quest for subscriber engagement is a multi-faceted one that draws on a wide range of disciplines. This new guide from the IAB UK is an invaluable resource for email marketers, providing practical advice on all aspects of how to manage a successful email program – from strategy and planning, to design and execution, and through to the measurement and reporting, that ultimately creates a virtuous cycle of ongoing improvement.

Download the guide now! Visit http://www.returnpath.com/IABHandbook

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