How's Your Email Doing in Deutschland?

Take your mind back to 2002. You were perhaps just becoming aware that sometimes the email you sent didn’t make it where it was intended to go. Maybe you noticed your carefully crafted promotion went into the “junk” folder on your personal email account. Or you noticed a sudden dip in your metrics that wasn’t attributable to the usual factors. You maybe started hearing about blacklists and thought, “Hmmm, is my email being blocked by ISPs? Are my customers not seeing what I send?” And figuring it out was far from clear.

Then along came Return Path with the radical idea that there should be a way for marketers to know what was actually happening to the email they sent to customers and prospects. They created what would become Sender Score Mailbox Monitor and the rest, as they say, is history. Trust me, I know how great this invention was – I was running DoubleClick’s (Now Epsilon’s) email deliverability team back then. We were so impressed with the Return Path data that we integrated it right into our reporting interface. Today every email marketer worth his or her salary understands what deliverability is all about and the best ones are actively monitoring and making the changes needed to get their program to near-perfect inbox placement.

But then it slowly dawned on everyone that what was happening here in the US might also be happening around the world. And, paradoxically, that it might be happening in very different and more complex ways. What’s a smart, international marketer to do?

So, beginning in 2006 Sender Score Mailbox Monitor added international monitoring to the mix. We expanded our scope further with the launch of the Sender Score Receiver Alliance specifically aimed at helping ESPs manage international deliverability and ISP relations. (Want to join the alliance – or have your ESP join? Let us know. We’d love to have you.)

And now Return Path is at it again with a huge expansion of our international coverage that adds 40 new seed lists for Europe, Latin America and Asia. Return Path now offers for reporting at 106 domains in 31 countries around the globe. Read more in our press release.

Think your business doesn’t need global coverage? Think again. As I wrote back in August, email crosses borders every day. Understanding how the international email community views (or doesn’t) your communication is crucial for success in the 21st century economy.

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