How to Use Email List Rental to Make Q4 Merry

Across the land marketers in every industry are gearing up for their third and fourth quarter efforts. For business-to-business companies the fourth quarter is a time to grab the last of the ’06 budget and get themselves into mix for ’07. For business-to-consumer companies it’s all about hitting the spending trifecta: back-to-school, Halloween and Christmas.

All the smart marketers we know are thinking about both retention efforts for existing customers and acquisition efforts to use this crucial time to bring in new dollars. If this is true for you, we’d like to suggest that email list rental needs to be an absolutely essential ingredient in the overall mix.

There are four reasons we believe this to be true:

1. Email is fast: In a 24/7 media environment every business needs to be able to respond quickly to changes in consumer and industry trends. An email acquisition campaign can be created and launched within days — not the weeks that are required of both offline media.
2. Email can build your house file: Retention email programs are crucial to most marketers, but the growth of that tactic depends on the acquisition efforts that drive new customers onto your file. Email list rental is uniquely positioned as a vehicle to drive email list sign up. Combine it with web-based lead generation programs and you could be looking forward to a very profitable Q4.
3. Email can break through the clutter: While inboxes have certainly gotten more crowded over the last few years, most people still have a more intimate relationship with email offers than with other types of advertising. Email list rental allows your message to stand out in a way that is much more difficult in other media.
4. Email can be tested quickly: Not exactly sure which offer will work? Email list rental offers the opportunity to test, measure and optimize so that you get the most bang for your buck.

As you can see, email acquisition is an essential marketing mix. Email me today and I’ll send you a checklist with additional actionable ideas for using this tactic to reach your end-of-year goals.

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