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How to Lose Your CRM Administration Job in 10 Days

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You’re probably familiar with the 2003 movie starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” – which, fun fact, is based on a book of the same name by Michele Alexander published in 1998. Instead of dating, let’s apply the idea behind this movie to CRM administration. What would you need to do to lose your CRM administration job in 10 days? If you think about it, it would be pretty simple. Let’s have some fun and consider the following:

Day 1: Stay silent when gaps in organizational processes are identified

Many people say that communication is key when it comes to being a successful CRM administrator, so make sure to stay completely silent on issues you notice within your organization’s processes. It isn’t really the admins job to address inefficiencies…or is it? Nah, mums the word! #notmymonkeysnotmycircus

Day 2: Import new leads and contacts without checking the list for duplicates

In fact, the more duplicates in your CRM, the better! Allow chaos and confusion to consume users of the CRM – who needs a 360 view of their clients anyway? Better yet, have the duplicate leads and contacts be the same except key information – like their email address – to allow sales teams to not only be confused, but waste time crafting and sending an email to an invalid email address. #dupesrule

Day 3: Reorganize object tab order

On day three, be a little more subtle in the chaos you cause. Reorganize object tabs in your CRM. Part of CRM administration is about streamlining processes and making things simple, so throw users for a loop and hide the Contacts tab or highlight objects they don’t have permission to view! #devious

Day 4: Stay silent on technical issues you notice in your CRM

CRM Administrator As a CRM administrator, you may be the first to notice a technical issue within the CRM, and if you do, be sure to just ignore it. Maybe it will resolve on its own – maybe it will corrupt data. Let it be someone else’s fire to put out. #seenoevil

Day 5: Be an island; reject the village

Salesforce, in particular, is known for having a massive, worldwide community of administrators that chat daily about best practices, tips and tricks they uncover, and so much more. Avoid these groups at all costs. CRM administrator is a job best done alone without interference from people looking to knowledge share.  #underachievers

Day 6: Randomly deactivate users and reassign roles and profiles

Another typical responsibility of a CRM administrator is deactivating users and reassigning accounts when team members are hired or leave the company. But, why limit this to just when it’s needed? Spend some time today randomly assigning roles to users as you see fit. Who cares if they can access sensitive information. Have fun with it! #boycottsecurity

Day 7: If you’re using Salesforce, avoid the AppExchange like the plague

The AppExchange is the faster and smarter way to extend the power of Salesforce. Don’t waste your time perusing any paid or free solutions. Using applications that enhance your management of CRM data or make you more efficient at your job is not what we are trying to do here. #turtlespeed

Day 8: Import a list from a tradeshow without standardizing it

If you really want to annoy your userbase, import the same data elements in different formats. State is an easy field to ensure isn’t standardized. Tradeshow lists will be riddled with inconsistencies and not taking the time to standardize state values of CA, CALI, California to the agreed upon standard of CA will not only mess with accurate reporting, it keeps users guessing which one they should actually use – a double whammy! #confusioniskey

Day 9: Stop learning

CRM administration, as with any job, is all about continuing education. Avoid conferences and user group meetings. If you’re using Salesforce, don’t become certified, earn as few Trailhead badges as possible, and overall, just stick your head in the sand when it comes to bettering yourself as a Salesforce admin. Subject matter experts are overrated anyway. #schoolsoutforever

Day 10: Randomly input the names of your favorite fictional characters as new leads

CRM Administration | Validity Inc. As the grand finale to your 10-day escapade of committing CRM administration faux pas, input the names of your favorite fictional characters as new leads and contacts. Harry Potter? Princess Leia? This will be the final straw to muddy the waters of your organization’s CRM data and ensure you are escorted out of the building. #scoobysnacks