How to Get the Most From Your Coaching Clinic at Connections

Looking to maximize your visit to Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Connections conference in Atlanta? Return Path will be hosting coaching clinics that week, with Email Strategists available for free consulting at our booth. 

So what exactly do our coaching clinics entail? You’ll have dedicated one on one time with one of our Email Strategists to educate you on what impacts the success of your email program and how to maximize your ROI. In order to maximize your time with your coach, make sure you come prepared by following these recommendations.The most important step is signing up.

Bring your IP address and domain information
With laptops ready, all we’ll need to do is plug your sending information into our Email Intelligence Suite. This lets us review metrics directly from our partners including; spam complaints, filtering, blacklistings, bounce rates, spam traps, etc.  here’s plenty to look at, we just need you to bring your sending IP addresses and domains for us to get started.

Know your email program
We’ll ask you several questions to help identify vulnerabilities in your program, so be sure you have a good understanding of your current practices and strategies. Some standard questions we will ask are: 

  • How do you acquire your emails? 
  • What type of campaigns do you send? 
  • What is your onboarding process like? 
  • At what frequency do you send? 
  • What kind of targeting do you use? 
  • How many IP addresses/domains are you using?

Look at your data
Gather recent data to see how your program is currently performing. 

  • How are your open/click rates doing? 
  • Any issues with bounces? 
  • Are you experiencing any blocks or throttling issues? 
  • Is any specific campaign more problematic than others?

Come with questions
We’re happy to answer questions on anything you’re currently working on or need help understanding. All questions are welcome.

We’re eager to meet all of you and find ways to help, whether it’s to gain visibility into what’s going on or working with you to troubleshoot a particular issue. Be sure to sign up as soon as you can since these sessions fill up quickly. See you soon!

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