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How to Avoid the Spamhaus Radar

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For our latest State of Email Live, we were joined by Sridhar Chandran, our very own solutions architect, and Matthew Stith, industry liaison for Spamhaus. 

First, let’s review some interesting email data from Sridhar.

Inbox placement rates are rising. Average inbox placement rates were higher in February 2021 than in January 2021, increasing from 75% to 83%. When we dig a little deeper into inbox placement performance by industry, emails related to services and healthcare continue to enjoy good placement rates.  

Now, onto some of the key nuggets from Guy’s conversation with Matthew:

  • Phish du jour scams are on the rise. Scammers are proving relentless by latching onto current issues during the COVID-19 era. Phish du jour scams are popping up everywhere, from ad campaigns to emails to texts. What’s worrying for brands is these attacks are often very sophisticated and can appear legitimate.  
  • Getting off a blocklist is a learning opportunity. We (half) joked about how email senders dread interactions with Spamhaus because it usually means they’ve ended up on the organisation’s bad side. While getting on a blocklist is never welcomed, Matthew believes there is a great learning opportunity not to be wasted. 

Spamhaus’ mission is to make the internet a safer place for everyone. By following bad email practices, brands risk their reputation and consumer trust. When sanctioned to a blocklist, Matthew recommends showing a willingness to learn what can be done better for next time, instead of pleading to be unlisted. Apart from watching this webinar, reading this article by Spamhaus is a good place to start! 

Interestingly, a client of ours was recently listed by Spamhaus. However, since attending this webinar, they knew the exact steps to follow: introduce address validation at point of capture, and run a re-permissioning campaign. Their listing has now been lifted! 

Want to hear Matthew’s tips for how to be a good actor and stay off Spamhaus’ radar? Pop the kettle on, grab a notepad, and watch the webinar below. Also, to learn more about overcoming blocklists, download our Don’t Block Me eBook.