How Loyal Are Your Subscribers?

Last week, Seth Godin wrote a great blog post on loyalty in which he defines loyalty as “what we call it when someone refuses a momentarily better option.” While his post talks about marketing in general, the same principles apply directly to email. When subscribers find a better option that means your messages have lost their luster and are no longer filling a need. What happens when you don’t need something anymore – you ignore it or dispose of it!

How can you build loyalty?

As you increase your popularity quotient, focus on the areas that will create great subscriber experiences that challenge perceptions, fill a need, and inspire engagement.

    1. Tell a story that will appeal to your audience.
  • Remember that different things appeal to different people.
  • Reward loyal subscribers.

By not following these three key principles, you risk creating a crowd of groupies that won’t stick with you for the long haul. Instead they’ll simply feign indifference by deleting your email, unsubscribe from your list or report your email as spam which leads to deliverability problems.

How loyal are your subscribers?

Tell us what you do to inspire your raving fans and we’ll post the results! Click here to share your thoughts!

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