How Do You Talk to Non-Responders?

How Do You Talk to Subscribers Who Won’t Respond to Your Email Messages?

Quick Q&A:

A) What do you mean? Everyone responds to my email
B) I keep emailing them. They’ll eventually respond.
C) I email them more. Maybe they didn’t see any of my email.
D) I email them less and ask if they want me to keep contacting them

The best answer is D. Notice I didn’t say the right answer. There are variations. The important thing to understand is “why are some of my subscribers no longer responding?” Pay attention to your entire email file and customize as appropriate. Winning back non-responders is just as important as obtaining new ones.

The One Way ConversationReturn Path’s latest research study:

“The One-Way Conversation: Email Marketing to the Non-Responsive Subscriber” describes what strategies Bed, Bath & Beyond, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bluefly and dozens more used to “win-back” subscribers and how you can use their successes and missed opportunities to your advantage.

Download the study now.

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