How Citrix Online Achieved a 95% Inbox Placement Rate

Email is critical for lots of businesses. At Citrix Online, it’s not just crucial for the usual reasons – it’s a part of their product in a way that makes it essential to the value proposition.

Even if you’ve never used Citrix Online, you are probably familiar with them from their commercials on cable news shows. Basically, it’s online collaboration software. The pitch is that you can cut down on time and cost by avoiding travel. With Citrix Online it’s just like being there, minus the airport hassles and hotel stays.  Citrix Online relies on email to remind participants of upcoming demos, meetings, webinars, and events.  Missing email means a major breakdown in communication, missed meetings and unhappy customers.

So when Citrix Online realized they had a deliverability problem, they knew they had to address it quickly. Citrix Online turned to Return Path to help ensure marketing and transactional emails were reaching the inboxes of users and online event participants and that customers would continue to experience seamless web-based services. Return Path experts identified deliverability issues that arose out of rapid growth and recommended a series of changes to Citrix Online’s email infrastructure, including changes to their unsubscribe protocols.  Once they implemented these and other best practices, Return Path recommended that Citrix Online apply for Return Path Certification.

Citrix Online quickly saw their inbox placement rate (IPR) skyrocket to 95%. Return Path Certification has even helped Citrix Online realize a dramatic drop in customer service complaints about missing emails as customers now receive the emails they are expecting, and are more satisfied with the service leading to higher customer satisfaction and trust in Citrix solutions.

Want to learn more about how Return Path helped Citrix Online achieve these great results? Read the case study.

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