Helpful Resources for Email Marketers in the Age of Mobile

My husband recently got a new smartphone (yes, I’m completely jealous). Not surprisingly, email was the first application he got up and running on the new phone. Email is the last item he checks on the phone before bed and the first item he opens in the morning.  While his behavior may have been unique a few years ago, Return Path’s recent study finds there has been an 81% growth in mobile email viewership.

So, what does growth mean for email marketers? As George Bilbrey points out, the arrival of mobile email means email marketers can no longer ignore mobile. Email marketers must factor in time of day, image-rendering, and device features when developing a mobile email strategy. Start with the following resources to put your mobile email strategy on the right track.

  • Determine which platforms are being used to read your email with tools like Return Path’s Campaign Insight. If you have a growing segment of subscribers who are reading your email on certain mobile devices, develop your strategy around this.

  • Designing email for mobile is different than designing for the desktop. Heed these seven email tips for the small screen to effectively serve the growing segment of mobile email readers.
  • Email reputation and engagement in the age of mobile and social are more important than ever. In this recorded webinar, learn how to maximize your marketing investments while capitalizing on new trends in email, mobile and social media.

  • Do you know the best day to send email? Can you do video in email with the iPhone and iPad? Read Tom Sather’s answers to these and some other commonly asked questions around email strategies for mobile devices.
  • Once you start designing your email messages for the small screen, utilize tools like Return Path’s Campaign Preview to see how your campaigns render on various mobile devices, with images turned on and off.

Need more help? The Professional Services team at Return Path can help ensure you have a successful strategy for leveraging the growth of mobile email. Whether you need help designing email templates for mobile viewing and response, or creating a complete strategy for optimizing your email program for the desktop and mobile screen, Return Path can help.  For more information, call 866-362-4577, visit us at or email [email protected] to get started today.

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