Have You Optimized Sending Frequency for Your Subscribers?

Have you ever struggled with the question of how much email to send for optimal engagement? Do you want to send more mail but you are afraid of overwhelming your customers, causing them to unsubscribe? These are questions many marketers face and have a difficult time answering. To help improve visibility into your subscribers’ engagement, Return Path has added a new experimental playground called Labs.

Labs is a fun, new collection of features that allows you to test drive new apps from our product team. Apps allow you to shape product development and provide feedback to get the products you love into Return Path’s software suite faster. One of the current apps is Frequency Finder, which allows you to break down your subscriber lists into three different categories (primary, secondary and dead accounts) based on how they interact with all mail streams in their inbox. Primary accounts read all or most emails every day, secondary accounts read a small percentage of email they receive, and dead accounts rarely if ever check their mail. Once each segment is broken out, Frequency Finder shows what percent of your read rates are accounted for in each segment.

The feedback received by our product team so far has been extremely positive. Many customers have been able to use this data to re-think key aspects of their email program. For example, some customers have seen that most of their subscribers are primary accounts but their engagement data (opens, clicks etc.) is poor, which may point to areas of concern including deliverability problems and lousy subject lines. Other marketers have seen many primary accounts that are very engaged, which could indicate a missed opportunity to mail more frequently because these subscribers likely have a tolerance for more mail. On the flip side some customers have realized a large portion of their subscriber base are secondary or dead accounts, which could point to poor acquisition practices or suppression strategies. The key goal and takeaway for this app is to challenge how you think about your sending practices and help you get the most out of your subscriber file while taking on minimal risk.


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We’ll be sharing some fascinating insights from the Frequency Finder app in an upcoming research report. Stay tuned!


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