Happy Thanksgiving!

Since its early days Return Path has had a tradition to send Thanksgiving cards to our clients and other friends of the company. We like the idea of being ahead of the holiday madness. More importantly, though, Thanksgiving just seems like the right holiday for expressing thanks. There is the name of the holiday, after all. And as a bonus it’s a non-religious holiday which solves a lot of potential problems. (Ask me about the year we accidentally sent Christmas sleighs to some Jewish clients – from a CEO named Blumberg! On second thought, don’t ask.)

But this year we decided to shake up the tradition just a bit and send an e-card instead. Again, this just makes sense for us. We are an email company, after all. And it’s so much greener than ink on dead trees. As an added bonus, you can just have so much more fun with an animated card.

And boy did our agency have fun! They have managed to make something that is not only very funny, but really expresses the true meaning of email deliverability.

Check it out now. (Be sure to have your speakers on!)

Huge THANKS to the folks over at our agency Walrus for creating this card. If you need a creative agency to create cool stuff for you, call these guys.

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