Happy Thanksgiving

Matt Blumberg
By Matt Blumberg
CEO & Chairman

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you already know that Return Path has a long tradition of sending a Thanksgiving card to our clients and other friends of the company. We do this for a couple of reasons, first we like to get ahead of the craziness that starts the minute you sit down for that turkey dinner and doesn’t end until the new year. Second, it’s seems like the right time for expressing our thanks.

2009 has been quite a year and like most businesses we’ve been tightening our belts, keeping our heads down and working harder than ever. So, thank you to our clients, vendors and friends. We truly appreciate your support and wish you and your families a happy, healthy Thanksgiving.

Here’s our 2009 e-Card, enjoy!

P.S. Do you think the little guy in the front looks more like me or like George? John Scarrow from Microsoft has already weighed in…let us know what you think!

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