Happy Thanksgivability!

It’s been a tradition at Return Path to send Thanksgiving cards to US-based friends and clients each year to thank them for their support. At a time when everyone is considering what they are thankful for, we think it’s a good time to express our thanks to the clients who put their trust in us. We’ve been doing this since our founding in 1999. Back then it was a paper card that we sent by postal mail (how quaint!), but given the business we are in it only made sense to turn it into an e-card.

We began that part of the tradition in 2008, with this animated card. What happens when a turkey, a pumpkin and a piñata get together to discuss email? Click through to find out.

Last year our card gave you a glimpse of what Thanksgiving might be like without Return Path – where Spam rules the table.

This year we have another twist on that theme – an animated card that shows you how your table might look at varying levels of “Thanksgivability.” Let’s just say that we will settle for nothing less than 100% Thanksgivability.

So to our clients, friends, and family: We wish you the best possible Thanksgiving holiday and happy deliverability in this year and the next.

Happy Thanksgiving from Return Path!

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