Guy Hanson Shortlisted in the UK Data Leaders Awards for the Second Year in a Row

Big congratulations to Guy Hanson, our senior director of professional services, who, for the second year in a row, has been listed amongst the top 50 data leaders in the UK by IT publication Information Age.

The Data Leaders Awards honor the people at the forefront of data—those that are transforming organizations and enhancing decision making through the innovative use of data. Guy has been recognized for his creative use of email data and the insight he helps brands have into their email marketing campaigns to help them improve email delivery, subscriber engagement and revenue generated.

A passionate advocate for the intelligent use of customer data to drive responsive email programs, this recognition is very well-deserved. Guy has used email data to provide insight on a wide roster of topics outside email marketing too, including the 2017 general election of which he successfully predicted the Conservative party’s narrow win despite the Labour party’s higher email engagement levels. Guy also demonstrated email expertise in reporting on Oxfam’s soaring complaint rates, which increased as a result of the charity’s bad publicity earlier this year. With a knowledge base that spans more than 15 years, he is a global email expert and thought leader, and has worked with a broad range of clients across five continents to improve their email delivery, subscriber engagement, and revenue generated. He ensures his team members can become the data leaders of tomorrow by providing strategic counsel from his wealth of experience in the email marketing industry.

With over 300 nominations, judges whittled them down to just 50, focusing on those that are offering a smarter way to unlock the power and potential of data to drive business growth. The winners will be decided by a panel of esteemed data leaders, including data executives at UBS Investment Bank, TES Global, Santander Global Corporate Banking and TFL, at a judging day this month. The awards ceremony will take place at London Hilton Bankside on 24th May.

Good luck Guy!

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