Greetings from Brussels

George Bilbrey
By George Bilbrey

Several times a year the anti-spam community gets together for the general meetings of the Messaging Anti Abuse Working Group (MAAWG). It may be an outrageously bad acronym, but it’s a great place to hear what the largest ISPs and other spam-fighters are thinking about spam and how to fight it. This summer the meeting is in Brussels. A few themes and factoids that might be interesting to marketers were clear during the conversations and presentations. These include:

— Many of the ISPs that have yet to use reputation based filtering are heading in that direction.
— There has been much less conversation about the mechanics of different authentication techniques than in past conferences. However, it doesn’t seem that the rate of uptake of authentication is accelerating. Having said that, it still makes sense to use authentication. Some larger receivers were hinting that authentication will actually be used as a positive weight in determining whether a message is spam.
— More feedback loops are in the offing. Yahoo has reiterated that they will be releasing a feedback loop. The timing is TBD. Other ISPs seem positive on the concept of releasing feedback loops than in the past. (A feedback loop is when ISPs report back the actions of recipients to the senders of email.)
— Based on a few of the presentations and comments made by spam filtering companies I am more convinced than ever that staying on a consistent IP address (not hopping from IP to IP) is important to continued high delivery rates.

More to come as the meeting continues.

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