Great Ideas to Steal And A Sneak Peek at the MarketingProfs Digital Mixer

Stephanie Miller, email marketing expert
By Stephanie Miller
VP, Global Market Development

Let’s be honest. The boss expects us to learn something every time we attend a conference. In fact, he’ll be lurking when we return until we report back something great. Something to implement immediately that earns higher response and revenue. Something that makes him look good in the next meeting with the CEO.

That’s why I’m delighted to be the “Mixologist” for the Must Know sessions at the upcoming Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer on October 21-22nd in Chicago. A mixologist is part Sherpa, part ambassador, part cheerleader for a track of sessions at the event. The Must Know track is dedicated to providing real world, how-to information about earning higher revenue from digital marketing. There are sessions on email, search and social.

You can learn about this track and the others by listening to the recording of the Sneak Peek webinar (MarketingProfs premium membership required). All the mixologists gave some highlights of learnings you can expect, and we all shared some ideas for your email and social programs that you can implement now. You’ll hear from online community maven Beth Harte, customer satisfaction expert Becky Carroll of Petra Consulting and social-email guru Jason Baer of Convince & Convert.

My five ideas to steal:

1. Segment your prospects and send them something different. They have a different relationship with the company and brand than customers. Embrace and celebrate that for higher response.

2. Know your sender reputation and be rewarded for a good one. There is a metric you need to know that sits between your bounce rate and the open rate – and that is how many messages actually made it to the inbox. If you don’t reach the inbox, you can’t earn a response. Ask your ESP or Return Path to monitor this for you.

3. Allow social influencers to self select. Some of the people on your file are highly influential. You may be able to pick them out by name, but you’ll do better if you invite them to raise their hands. Give them a chance to apply for special status, and then be sure to send information of high interest. You must respect and delivery information that is meaningful to them or they will quickly turn negative.

4. Include your online ads in your email newsletter. You’ve got these assets – banners, text links, promo offers. Use them with your house file and target the most appropriate offers to each segment.

5. Encourage employees to add your social network links to their signature file. Make it easy (or even fun!) and employees will help share the company story.

If you’d like a copy of my slides, just email me.

Please do consider this conference. Marketing Profs always does a great job – and I very much look forward to seeing you there! Get $200 off by using the code DMSPK09 at registration.

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