Google joins the BIMI trial!

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This week, Google announced it officially joined the AuthIndicators working group working on the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standard, and they will be looking to launch a trial within Gmail in 2020.

As a reminder, in order to qualify for BIMI participation right now, your domains need to meet these requirements:

  • DMARC with enforcement (p=quarantine or p=reject)
  • Good sender reputation
  • A domain not used for 1:1 communication (BIMI is intended for commercial emails, not personal messaging)
  • Each mailbox Provider (MBP) supporting this currently has slightly different qualifications to meet

Being that DMARC at any level of enforcement takes a lot of work for many organizations, thanks to the need to fix authentication issues, find rogue mail servers, wrangle them into compliance with your corporate mailing strategy, and to properly move towards a domain aligned sending solution, it is highly recommended you begin working on this project sooner than later.

Trust me, the last thing you’ll want to do when Gmail starts to support this new solution in their trial will be to rush your deployment of these services and cause unintentional delivery issues for your mail.

For more information from the BIMI working group, head over to their newly launched website bimigroup.org.

For more on how 250ok can help you implement DMARC and BIMI, reach out to our team!



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