Goodmail Shuts Down

As most of the email industry has now learned, Goodmail announced to their clients that they are shutting down operations in a week’s time.

It is sad to see a start-up fail. Goodmail proved a worthy sparring partner over the last 8 years and we are no doubt a better company for having had them as a competitor.

Many people will be affected by this outcome, not least of which are Goodmail’s clients, who now find themselves unsure of how the shutdown might affect their email performance.

The first thing for anyone using a Goodmail IP needs to consider is what their reputation will be when they move to a new IP. Those clients using Goodmail through an ESP partner will probably find that provider has services to “warm up” the new IP to minimize the impact. Return Path also offers this service and we are happy to help out there.

Of course many of Goodmail’s CertifiedEmail clients are likely to be eligible for Return Path’s Certification Program. To help minimize the impact of the Goodmail shut down, we are offering current Goodmail clients an expedited application process and a managed transition service. If you are sender with a stellar reputation you should continue to enjoy the privileges of high inbox placement rates. Email us at [email protected] to find out how to get started.

If you are current Return Path client (Certified or not) who is using Goodmail and you have questions about how the shut down might affect you, reach out to your Account Manager. We will work to help you and minimize any disruption to your business.

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