Goodbye, Smoke and Mirrors

Delivery has long been about reputation. If you have a good one, your email gets delivered. If not, the inbox can be an extremely hard destination to reach. Trouble is, figuring out your email reputation has been hard to do – until now.

Return Path’s new service, Sender Score Reputation Monitor, removes some of the delivery mystery by showing you exactly what email receivers think of you – and what they are likely to do with your email. Data contributed by ISPs, filtering companies and other email receivers is compiled to create a “reputation score” for millions of sending IP addresses. That score is like a credit score for email, determining your delivery success.

Before now the best sources of reputation data available were ISP feedback loops, but they tend to look at one or two factors of reputation, missing the full breadth of data types used by receivers to determine deliverability. With Sender Score Reputation Monitor, you get the full picture. Any company can look up its overall email reputation score and know exactly how they look to ISPs and other email receivers. Return Path clients also get the underlying data that tells you WHY your score is what it is. Armed with that data, any deliverability problem is fixable.

Email receivers benefit from these reputation scores, too. Many receivers are building the metric into their filtering algorithms because it offers such detailed, comprehensive data on email senders. We will be making the summary Sender Score available free of charge via DNS query, so we expect even more ISPs to start using it in the near future.

We’re really excited about this as it will change the email deliverability landscape. Reputation is so critical to the future of deliverability, and so fundamental to all of Return Path’s delivery services, that we have branded our Delivery Assurance Solutions product line “Sender Score” to reinforce the need for a strong reputation.

Read our press release if you’d like more information. Want to know your reputation score? Email us today and we’ll let you know where your program stands.

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