Good Reading: Email and the Chinese Market

Ready to expand your email program into the China? First, read this article from Chief Marketer magazine – Email And The Chinese Market: One Billion Opportunities, One Billion Potential Pitfalls – to get some counsel. Here are four interesting facts from the article to get your thinking:

1) Credit cards are relatively new in China making ecommerce a burgeoning market opportunity.

2) The top three communication channels are mobile,  e-mail and direct mail – in that order.

3) Chinese mailbox providers tend to treat messages in English as spam, regardless of whether the recipient has requested them.

4) In China, emailboxes can be assigned without having requested them meaning a Chinese consumer who is engaged online will have far more email addresses than a westerner.

Read how Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) handles the new challenges associated with entering this market and get key insights from Jake Curtis, Return Path’s Corporate Development Analyst in this article by Chief Marketer.

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