Go West! Return Path Experts Head to Dallas

Last week I wrote about Return Path’s Email Expert Seminar heading to Denver, Colorado. Well, in that same week we are also making a stop in Dallas, Texas.

The agenda for both seminars has been created to be super-informative and ultra-interactive. First, you will hear from our own email experts – Stephanie Miller, George Bilbrey and Bonnie Malone Fry – as they give you the lowdown on email reputation, subscriber experience and acquisition strategies. We then move into roundtables where you’ll get to ask our experts the questions that keep you up at night. Our experts, along with your colleagues at the table, will help you think through new tactics to achieve your email marketing goals.

We’ve also lined up two great speakers in Dallas. First, Doug Williams, Senior Manager of Ecommerce from Crosstown Traders will be sharing his perspectives on using email marketing to generate ecommerce revenue. And Sachin Shroff, Relationship Marketing Data Architect at imc2, will talk about how to create multichannel customer engagement programs that combine mobile, email and direct mail.

At the end of the program we’ll give you fresh ideas for some been-there-done-that best practices. During this session you can get a truly customized experience by bringing printouts of some of your existing or future campaigns or emailing them in advance once you complete your registration. Your program could be chosen by one of our email gurus for an on-site evaluation. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to obtain advice from the industry’s leading email experts. Reserve your seat today.

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