GlobalGiving Shines a Light on Their Program With Certification

As the first and largest global crowdfunding community, GlobalGiving lives and dies by email. Sending more than 3.5 million emails a year, not only is email a part of their marketing, but it’s an integral part of their fundraising efforts.

However, getting into the inbox can be a challenge for senders. It’s not as simple as just hitting send. When it comes to email, every provider has a limit to how many emails they’ll receive from an individual sender in a certain period of time, and that limit varies with each provider. Once a sender comes close to that threshold, the mailbox provider will begin to throttle their mail, as this behavior is typically seen from spammers.

With the understanding that hitting the inbox could be a make or break situation for GlobalGiving, Kevin Conroy, Chief Product Officer, decided to take a look at certification and—has never looked back.

Return Path Certification is used by mailbox providers to give good, certified senders preferential treatment to the inbox. Messages from certified senders bypass much of the filtering done by mailbox providers, making it less likely for a sender’s content to get flagged as spam.

“If our email deliverability program was in a room, before Return Path, the lights were off and we were throwing paper airplanes across the room hoping they would land in inboxes. With Return Path, the lights are turned on, and we are getting the data that we need to view how our program is performing and see where any gaps or issues are,” says Conroy.

Return Path’s Certification program covers nearly 70% of mailboxes worldwide, and as a result, GlobalGiving was able to increase their inbox placement and continues to maintain high deliverability. Find out how they did it in our latest Customer Success Story.

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