Get Ready to Ramp Up Email Revenue! (And Get a Discount for the Online Marketing Summit)

It’s time to get serious about your Q3 goals. One way to do that is focus on improving your email program so you can ramp up your revenue for the upcoming season. In fact, summer is the perfect time to focus on content that builds lasting relationships that will resonate with your subscribers when they ramp up their spending for back to school and the holidays. So instead of kicking back during the summer months, take this time to invigorate your marketing program and learn something new about how to make your email stand out from the crowd.

So how should you kick off you summer educational program? Watch the “Is My Email Inbox Worthy” webcast and read the companion research study, “Creating Great Subscriber Experiences: Are Marketers Relationship Worthy?” Then join me and other Return Path experts at the Online Marketing Summit this summer. Why the pre-conference homework? The webcast and study are the perfect pre-cursors to the program we will be delivering at OMS.

OMS is traveling to 11 cities nationwide from July through August providing you with a unique opportunity to network with peers from a variety of industries and hear from industry leaders. Return Path will be presenting in Milwaukee, New Jersey, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver and Houston. We’ll be discussing the results of our Subscriber Experiences research study and offering specific, actionable advice for how you can learn from some of the biggest marketers in the business (including Nike, Wal-Mart, Kraft and Marriott). And we’ll tie best practices back to the revenue impact (both positive and negative) so you can make a business case that your CFO will understand.

So, if you need a little out of the office time, register and learn. And for a little more incentive, we are able to offer you a special discount. Just enter the code ReturnPath10 when you register and you’ll save 10%. See you there! Oh, and I may pop up in other cities on tour, so stay tuned!

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