Get Creative with Your Creative Again

You know the drill: You write great marketing copy for your email but avoid those pesky spam words like “FREE” or “click here” at all costs. What if you could stop worrying about getting blocked at the most important ISPs and focus all your attention on fun, creative copy that achieves your marketing goals? For reputable senders in the Sender Score Certified Program, you can start getting creative again.

Last week Yahoo! began using Return Path’s Sender Score Certified whitelist. Yahoo!’s decision to begin using Sender Score Certified expands coverage for the largest email whitelist program available. Sender Score Certified covers more than 1.4 billion email inboxes worldwide, and enables ISPs to identify email from legitimate, qualified email senders and avoid accidentally blocking or delaying that email. In fact, Sender Score Certified now delivers more than 16 billion messages every month for some of the world’s top marketers including Williams-Sonoma, Expedia and iVillage.

If you are a sender, now more than ever being a member of Sender Score Certified truly increases the value and return of your creative.

If you are a receiver, only Return Path’s whitelist helps you confidently and aggressively target spam with less risk of accidentally filtering the messages your customers actually want. The world’s best ISPs — including Microsoft, Yahoo! and many more — have found a partner with Return Path. Find out how you can join them now.

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