Get an In-Depth Look at What GDPR Means for You at DMA &THEN

Beginning October 7th, Return Path will be sending me to the DMA &THEN Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada to provide an in-depth look at what GDPR means for you.  Each year, &THEN becomes the global HQ for the data-driven marketing industry. It’s a place where ideas take root and business gets done.  Held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, &THEN promises to deliver direct access to leading visionaries, top brands and the latest data strategies transforming marketing today.

As a Privacy Specialist at Return Path, I will be at the conference to lead a workshop and help moderate a panel discussion on GDPR.  Check out my pre-conference workshop “GDPR: Keep Calm, Take Action, and Stay Compliant” on Sunday, October 7th at 1-4pm where I will explore all things GDPR, including an overview of the law itself, details about what it means for marketers and how they handle data, and how the law is being enforced.  If that doesn’t satisfy your GDPR appetite, on Monday, October 8th at 2:25 pm you can catch me moderating the panel discussion “Data in a Post GDPR World”. Join me along with Pooja Kapoor, the head of GDPR and Data Trust at Google, Mary Beth McCabe, Marketing Professor at National University, and Ernan Roman, President at ERDM Corp. to discuss recent data privacy developments and what they could mean for the industry in future.

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