Four Ways to Segment for Higher Response This Holiday Season

It’s pretty easy to understand why targeted email offers perform better – they are more relevant for the subscriber. But where do you start when you’ve got a big number to reach this holiday season, a big file to understand, and not a lot of extra time? Try segmenting where email can build the most new revenue.

This may not be the “best buyer” category. Your best buyers may be perfectly happy with the current cadence of your program and familiar with your merchandise and styles. More email may have less effect on their purchases. For them, meter the frequency, especially after they have already purchased.

Instead, focus your segmentation on subscribers who have the highest sales potential:

  • Buyers who have been inactive since last holiday season: Send a targeted message around gift-giving ideas.
  • Buyers who consistently buy the same type of style: Feature those styles for in the main section of the email and, if you send more than one email a week, at the beginning of each week’s series. .
  • Non-buyers: Highlight testimonials, free shipping and larger discounts for higher shopping cart value.
  • Search engine clickers: Use their keywords in the triggered thank you offer and subject line.
  • Co-reg and affiliate-sourced subscribers: This group is usually looking for bargains, so send those types of offers.

For more ideas to improve holiday revenue through email this season, download our 2006 Holiday Guide now.

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